Wellfleet Photography

The Garage Gallery is located in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, Cape Cod’s “art gallery town.”
Its grand opening in June of 2007 featured a collection of abstract landscape photography
entitled “Water Works, Water and Sky” by its owner
Janis Ekman. Included here in our online galleries, these photographs “unveil the bountiful secrets of nature
exactly as they are before the march of time mars their perfect beauty” (Provincetown Banner, August 30, 2007. See Article in “About the Artist”)
This collection has continued to grow over subsequent years and Ekman began the gallery’s
fourth season with a new focus on flowers entitled “Again, Spring” here in our fourth gallery.

These photographs are inspired by the natural light unique to this Cape Cod, Massachusetts landscape, which has attracted Impressionists and photographers alike for many years. Ekman walks the beaches of Wellfleet daily with her two border collies, camera in hand. As she became more and more familiar with her subject, patterns and shapes emerged and the light on the waves became its own subject.

The ìsecrets (her photos)...reveal are startling.î There are hieroglyphs and fossil remains in the sand, clouds in the shape of prehistoric fish, light dancing on the waves in what appears to be more of a Gucci scarf than the waters of the bay at sunset, to name a few. Her seascapes invite the viewer in, the light on the water calms and soothes. All of the photos in the first three galleries were taken in Ekmanís beloved Wellfleet.

While Ekmanís photographs can be dubbed absract photography, it is not unusual for visitors to the gallery to think they are gazing at paintings. Ekmanís seascapes and skyscapes are often large, most measuring 20X30 inches in size, while many of the other subjects are tiny photos, only slightly larger than a postage stamp. These ìyou have to nose up to...to find the many secrets of her walks.î Because of the free and open nature of her subject Ekman has chosen to mount the larger photos without frames using a gallery wrap (See ìOrdering Infoî). The photos are a printed on canvas and ready to hang. The smaller ones use a handsome silver frame with a black border (see ìOrdering Infoî for a sample). If you should choose to frame them yourself, the large photos are available printed on archival paper and the smaller ones with just a mat (See Gallery listings)

Ekman would like to leave you with two quotations that she has found inspirational. The first is by the photorealist painter Richard Estes who traditionally takes up to one hundred photos of his subject before painting it: ìThe abstract quality of reality is far more exciting than most of the absract art I see.î And, the second by Matisse, her favorite artist. This quotation accompanied a room-sized silk screen of a lagoon at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. ìI would plunge my head into the water, transparent above the absinthe bottom of the lagoon, my eyes wide open...and then suddenly I would lift my head above water and gaze at the luminous whole.î

Please visit our four galleries below. If you have any questions you may contact us at 508-349-3945 or janekman@mac.com. Thank you.

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